In the Oder estuary in northwest Poland White-tailed Eagles are pretty common. Autumn is a nice season to photograph the birds: the eagles need food before the winter season and the beautiful wild river sides show fall colours.
Towns like Stepnica have ports for small-scale fishing. Joining the fishermen gives good opportunities to photograph eagles. T
he fishermen know the favourite spots of the eagles. Small fish is thrown over board, attracting a pack of seaguls, that in turn shows the eagles that there is food. If an eagle is being seen, a larger fish is thrown out. In a spectacular dive with speeds up to 50 mph the eagle grasps its prey out of the water.

In the vicinity nature reserve Czarnocin is located. It is a pretty vast, moist flat area
along the waterfront. Koniks and Highland cattle graze in the area. There is a reasonable chance to observe to observe fox, wild boar and various species of waterbirds.

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white-tailed eagle

Oder estuary