Pakistan is seen by many as a "failed state" and is considered an unsafe touristical destination for European travelers. Therefore it might be hard to believe for some that in the past it was no problem to travel around Pakistan, especially before the first Gulf War.
Except for the "tribal areas", regions with no governmental authority that were no-go areas for tourists, the whole country was well suited for individual traveling. Public traffic is good and there are plenty of places to stay or eat for the traveler with a little experience. Next to wild nature there is a large cultural inheritance from the civilizations prior to the british colonization.
On the other side there is large poverty, in the cities and in the remote areas. And exactly those who have knowledge and power to change this, benefit by maintaining the status quo.

Particularly because of the recent developments, I like to draw attention to this beautiful country by way of a photo gallery. Not in the first place for the quality of the pictures, but as a small counterbalance for the unfavourable reputation that Pakistan has got for a lot of people.

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