Autumn in Norway is very colourful.  In the mountainous parts of the country the yellow and orange leaves of the birches dominate the slopes, while red tones can be found on the ground. 
You need some luck in guessing the right period to go. The autumn colours come out after the first frost, in September. You can enhance your chances by selecting an area where you can find interesting places on different altitudes and varying distances to the sea. On higher altitudes the frost will arrive earlier, while the influence of the sea moderates the temperature.

I selected the village of Lom in Oppland as my starting point. It is situated near NP Jotunheimen and NP Rondane is a relatively short drive away. Thanks to Serkan Gûnes who suggested place and period. You can find many opportunities along the road and a hike into the mountains is easily made. The approximate location is indicated with the images.

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Map made by Visus