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The Colorado Plateau in southwest USA is a high altitude region (over 5000 feet) in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.
There are a large number of National and State Parks within relatively short distance from each other. Other attractions are Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation and a few National Monuments and National Recreation Areas.
Itīs an arid area with hot summers. Those who donīt like the summer heat or the summer crowds find a good alternative in the spring. Nights can still be cold in spring  because of the high elevation: Bryce Canyon, for instance, is 7000 feet and higher, and the Grand Canyon's North Rim is still closed till late May.
The area has the clearest air in the lower 48 States and from elevated points great vistas are possible.The average visibility in summer is about 150 miles! In the period that we visited the region, visibility was unfortunately frequently spoilt by dust pollution, caused by strong winds. Unlike the summer, spring doesn't bring thunderstorms to wash the sky.

Even before high season, the Grand Canyon is a popular destination. One can enjoy similar vistas, however, on a smaller scale in Canyonlands NP and Dead Horse Point SP. While the Grand  Canyon has more than 5 million visitors per year, you can have great views in Dead Horse Point  with just a few other people that share your experience.

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