About this site:

Considering the lay-out of the site it may come as no surprise that photography is my hobby. So my images are the core of the site. I hope that I'm not the only one who likes them. On the other hand, being outside is of more importance than coming home with nice images, I photograph the subjects that touch me someway. Taking good images is not the goal.
Anybody who whishes to share his thoughts about the site with me is invited to do so:


Apart from the photographs there is a small amount of general information, related to the subject of the photography.  Some links, for instance, guide you to institutions of dutch nature management.  In my opinion, the efforts of the foundation  "Het Limburgs Landschap" are essential in order to keep the last remaining parts of characteristic nature in my region.
I have the intention to extend the site with new series or new images of existing series. Recently the gallery "Oder estuary" has been added to the site.

About the technical background of the photographs:

Older images are slides, scanned with a Minolta Scan Speed film scanner (and VueScan ) and processed for the web afterwards. More recent pictures are digital.
Most b/w portraits are made on 35 mm film, scanned from the negative or the print. Some recent portraits have been converted from a digital image.

Image processing is done with Picture Window Pro
, a lesser known but very powerful photo editor. For those who are interested: have a look at http://www.dl-c.com.
Helpful people are active on a users forum: http://www.dl-c.com/board.